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I would like to talk about the biggest complaint that people seem to have with this game. That is griefing and not really being able to do anything about it. I think a major problem with the way people are handling this is that they aren’t understanding the main purpose of their factions base. A faction’s base is meant to be a crafting station and a place to deposit your spirits that you get out in the world. It is NOT your personal home where you should be putting valuable loot that you and your friends spent a lot of hours working to get. There is a reason that the final tier of the basic survival crafting tree is the divinity stone, which allows you to claim land as your own. This game doesn’t have building in it for no reason, and if you don’t want people griefing and taking all your crap, don’t leave it in some random chest in the spawn for someone to take. This also doesn’t mean you should build a base and never come back, and I think Fortnite did a good job by not allowing people to craft everything in their own personal home. Now how can you free skins on fortnite? Easy, watch this youtube clip: how to get free skins in fortnite

Even strategically speaking having all of your factions loot inside one small square base isn’t exactly the best idea. Go out and explore the world, build up something for you and your friends, and you can even make it so that other faction members can’t open your door, and then you should be good. Again don’t forget to deposit your spirits and fortify your factions base when you can, that is the purpose of this game. Also I know that people aren’t just griefing rare loot, but they are throwing out basic ore while it is cooking and everyone else is around. Again this shouldn’t be that hard to stop, just actually get to know your faction and communicate. You don’t need a mic or have to put up a picture of yourself or anything like that, just type /faction. I was in a server where this one guy kept coming in and throwing out our stuff, and me and a couple other people were constantly telling new factions members to look out for this guy and to let other people know. So when someone saw him come online, there were 3 or 4 people saying in the faction chat, “Hey this guy is throwing out loot and being a loser, watch out.” And people would take loot out to prevent him from doing anything and they would just ignore him. If he tried attacking people he would get killed by a few of us, and if no one went out of the way to attack him, then there was nothing for him to do and he probably got bored. Don’t feed the trolls and argue with him and attack because that is what losers like that guy want. If you have a friends base to go to, or your own then go there and do something else for a while.

This is one of those games that is either going to be really good, or complete trash. I personally think it will be very good if they stay on the right track, and I believe that over time this game could gain a decent community that works together and helps each other out. But that simply will not happen if people keep allowing griefers to take their stuff and give it to other factions. That will just create toxic players and completely ruin this game.

At the same time, the system isn’t perfect as is. There needs to be even better way to stop griefers, and I think that Fortnite is already on to it with the faction rep system. Maybe the top 3 people in the faction are the leader and 2 officers or something, and they have the ability to initiate a vote kick or something, and they could only allow like people who have a decent amount of rep to vote. After someone is kicked the rest of the faction could then get a pop up saying like should that guy have been kicked and if enough people say no then whoever started the vote loses a lot of rep. And maybe if you lose a certain amount of rep then you lose the ability to ever become a officer type again.