The WoW BFA Beta!

After playing 5.7k hours they ruined the game, everything was fine up untill they hired a new GM that has killed 3 of the most recent games he has been apart of. This game is dying very rapidly, it used to be a game i looked forward to every day. Now it is on a rapid decline, if you are looking for an mmo just play runescape quit it now if you are playing just look at my hours….
As soon as you start playing… the game BOMBARDS your screen with text, numbers, big boxes, small boxes , markers… and a really annoying NPC voice that gives you random quests. Basically the UI is a complete mess.

Then, it forces you through a slog of a tutorial… Where you talk to your first quest NPC’s and they too have a million different boxes and things you can click on. Then it gives you tutorial videos during the tutorial gameplay while the tutorial NPC is telling you what to do

Then the game holds your hand while it guides you from A to B with quest markers and arrows. I guess this is just world of warcraft & mmorpgs in general now.

Finally when I got into the combat…I realized it was going to be nothing but an Asian grindfest P2W MMO.

I know it’s cheap and we all have an MMO void but… save your time and money. Something better will come along…. btw you can get a free key here: battle for azeroth beta key

Games a waste of life. I was top 1% with 550gs games dead pvp is dead. Only ppl left are little whiney kids that pay 2 win all their gear. Dont buy this game devs dont care about the gameĀ  legit a cash grab. I have 7.1k hours trust me its garbage. Dont listen to people with under 2k hours they haven’t even got to end game yet.