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Disney Heroes Battle Mode Review?

An excellent example of how to remaster/remake an ol’ classic (or three) I personally have only one small issue with this game which I’ll get to but for now some positives, which is basically everything.
Visuals and performance are great, it’s so pleasant to look at, so bright and colourful and actually very detailed, the water looks great, shadows and reflections are really crisp, Crash’s fur looks…furry etc, it’s all very nice.
The sound design deserves as much praise as the visuals, it’s good.
Gameplay and controls. Now this is apparently where basically every negative review seems to be coming from and iii don’t get it, I completely finished all three games, played this for 41 hours and maybe only 5 or 6 times thought “That was bs” that is not many and they were probably all me, not the controls or the hitboxes or whatever, I personally see no problem here and in fact thought it felt fantastic throughout.
So yeah, it’s three classic 90’s 3D platformers perfectly ported to the modern day…well almost perfectly ported, the one small issue I have is the 60fps cap, it shouldn’t be there, it’s PC gaming, it’s 2018 etc, etc, blah, blah, it is an issue but it is a small one it is NOT a reason to give the game a negative review, that’s ridiculous.
Final note, I didn’t experience a single bug oh and GIVE US SPYRO REIGNITED ON MOBILE TOO!

Now the only downside to this app, is that you have to buy gems in game in order to advance yourself faster… well i just watched this video and it showed me exactly how to get them for free: disney heroes hack


Ever since a childhood friend of mine had a Playstation (and – I did not) I have always wanted to play the Disney movies series. A dream came true – and finally i got my hands on it. And boy, oh boy – it is indeed a great, oldschool game. It offers a variatey of amazing challenges, it’s vivid, it’s colourful, it has an AMAZING pace!