The best Fortnite Skin? We think Omen is definitely the best!

We have been discussing which fortnite skin is the best? Well today Epic Games just dropped their new skin: Omen. It’s amazing, we highly recommend you get some vbucks and buy that skin! However we did some searching today on youtube and found that their is a new way to get free skins. Frank (from youtube) shares this video: how to get omen skin free¬†we tried it, and it worked. So definitely give it a go!

Now you should still be playing fortnite in 2018? Well Maybe….

Would refund if I still could.

Want to play FPP? Too bad. No servers for you.
Guess I’ll just play TPP:
– Spend 5 minutes waiting for server
– 5 minutes waiting in lobby
– 2 minutes waiting in plane and jumping
– 20 minutes wandering around the map aimlessly
– Get ganked in under 5 seconds by a squad who saw you 5 miles away.
– Think about how much of a massive waste of time this game is
– Blame Twitch streamers for making this game actually seem fun
– Rinse, Repeat

The only fun to be had here is when you play squads with your mates and run around acting like idiots. The game itself is like someone looked at Battlefield, decided it was way too fun and stripped out all the good choices that actually made it playable.
Netcode is abysmal, engine is riddled with bugs. Don’t bother.

I have 260 hours spent on this game as of writing this review, and i just got permabanned from this game… even when i havent done anything. I find it weird that in a game that has a reputation for beeing full off hackers EPIC GAMES spends time banning people who havent done anything wrong. They dont even bother telling you why you got banned, no benefit of the doubt and now the money i used to buy this game is a complete waste for me. Don`t buy this game unless you want to give money to a company that will perm. bann you for no reason.