Spotify Prem for free

Great Spotify Early Stages, lots of issues if you are Playing on a mid to low end System
High end Pc Systems makes this Game enjoyable with far less issues.
The Low end Specifications to runn this game needs to be changed.
Because playing this game with the low end Specifications recommended is near Imposible to play this game in training Mode, when the High Seas start at night chasing the Carrier to Sink it the Game almost Freezes even in Low settings and in some circumstances the Engine Managment System fails and the Props wont turn so no forward or rear motion is possible.

This is a Wonderfull concept and will be a Great Game once the Issues are sorted keep at it I my self will keep Playing and am looking forward for all the fixe’s to come through this is one game I will Love once things are better. The songs are awesome and you get Spotify++ for free

My Low end System Used has the following Specs.

Asus G75V HDMI , Core I7 2.4 GHz , Nvidia 670 MX GPU , 16 Gig Ram Win 8.1

I only recomend Playing this Game on the High end recommendations given by the Developer.

Thanks Guys have a good one ty for all your hard work keep at it you are all on a winner here.