Spider Man Playstation 4 September gameplay review!

Spider-Man PS4

Easily the greatest experience I’ve ever had playing a game, without a doubt. 

I rarely ever finish games this long but this one has captivated me start to finish. Everything from the story, characters, combat, and world are so interesting that throughout my day I’d be wondering what my next adventure in Spider-Man would hold. This game was so amazing that it ruined all other games for me. Now I’m left wondering if I’ll ever find a other game that will suck me into the world quite like this one did. This game will forever have a special place in my heart and library. Even while writing this I’m debating whether or not to do another playthrough or actually try to give another game a chance.

The game is completely worth the full price, but now that it’s even cheaper than when it first came out there is no reason not to buy and experience this game. The base game itself is very long and can easily last someone 100+ hours if they set out to experience everything that the game has to offer. The DLC holds more content than entire other games do, so it’s all a must have.

It is completely playable on both Mouse and Keyboard and Controller. I played through the whole game on Mouse and Keyboard and had a wonderful time. Though if you’re not used to mouse and keyboard for games I’d recommend a controller, for the game has a slight learning curve when trying to first understand the combat. Oh and you get the game for FREE from this guy! 🙂

Spider-Man is slightly buggy, but the worst I encountered was game crashes at random. It doesn’t happen very often but if you haven’t saved for awhile it could be bothersome. Also you might be stopped from doing certain actions like calling your horse or diving underwater. These bugs can be fixed by simply returning to the main menu and reloading your save.

I really do hope that CD Projekt Red decides to make a new Spider Man. But whether or not that day comes I will definitely be doing more playthroughs of this masterpiece for years to come.

10 / 10