So you dont have a New-Gen Console? That’s fine… You can still play fortnite on the xbox 360!

So I found this video on how to actually play fortnite on the xbox 360, you just follow what he does and you can download fortnite for free on the old console. Watch the youtube clip below:

Here’s my Fortnite Xbox 360 Review:

This was a pretty good game that needed work but had good potential. The developers killed it by not addressing the issues and instead concentrated on squeezing more money out of thelr player base. The recent event pass is a coffin nail for the life of this game. Having played over 1100 hours in this game I am really disappointed in the direction it is heading. It has basically turned into a huge money grab. $5.00 for a parachute skin is a good example, This game is in decline. I no longer recommend buying this game, There will be better Battle Royale games coming out soon. Be patient and buy one of them, R.I.P. Fortnite. You killed a good game and only have yourselves to blame.

Not like this I just can’t. Greed feels like an understatement. I want to keep playing but its just getting beyond what was fun in the beginning.

The Bullet points shared my myself and all are:

Optimise your game. (should have happened before full release)

Get rid of the microtransactions. (you have a billion dollars, is it really better business to get another billion ratther than listen to your community and focus on quality, do you not believe in the longevity of your own game? Is its only worth to be milked dry before xmas?)