Should you buy the new Fortnite Battle Pass?

I would wait until all the bugs are addressed. Since release I have have put 11 hours into this game, with maybe only about 3 hours being actually worth it. Started off with unstable servers, then I couldn’t progress (which I feel WAS compensated by the developer with in-game currency). Finally, I couldn’t look up or down in game. In the menu, sure, my character would look up and down with my mouse movements. Y-axis on mouse works fine in all other applications.

Now, I will say that I do recommend this game when it does work properly. Just not in this current state. It’s just really frustrating to know you enjoy a game, want to play it, but you can’t. And you put hours into trying to troubleshoot and fix it, write in forums, look for answers. Now if you can’t afford the vbucks just watch this youtube video: free battle pass season 9

Combat system is complex and there are a lot of tricks to learn. But just one brutal melee kill makes up for the rest of the time when you get your head bashed in as a boon. Even though I only played 12 hours so far, I know this one is a keeper!
Atmosphere, sound & overall immersion is superb.
If you also want something nice to look at, be assured that ue4 lets this game look gorgeous, with some almost photorealistic textures, if you bother to set everything at ultra.