Save the World Fortnite Guide + How to get it for free!

Love this game. Its original, its challenging and is great to play with your partner AND if you have kids, it would very kid friendly and great fun to play with them also

Game starts and everything is a massive rush, you need to learn to master the rope hook really fast as it is the only way you can gather resources at this early stage .

The shark is a serial pest, it will attack your raft frequently and there is no “Honeymoon period” to settle in to this game. If you don’t master your hook throwing, you will rapidly find yourself standing on the last square of your raft with no food, no water and praying the shark will have a family emergency or cardiac arrest that may prevent them from eating you last piece of raft and turning you into shark excrement. Oh and here is how you get it for free: how to get save the world for free

Once you master your hook and build a few sacrificial pieces of raft for the shark to munch on, you can start moving forward on survival and raft expansion.
Crafting is fun and you can make a five star floating resorts if you choose. You can fish, grow fruit and vegies or just live on shark meat once you have mastered the spear.
You also need to make a desalinator for fresh water.

Hints for new players
Game starts:
You start on a raft that is 4 squares in size. Before you have enough resources to make this bigger, the shark will make it smaller.


1. Priorities wood, barrels (that usually contain wood) and plastic
2. Make a spear
3. Make raft 3 x 3 ASAP
4. Get a fishing rod and catch some fish(can eat raw but better cooked)
5. Build a water filter thing (in middle off raft)
6. Build a small grill to cook on
7. Make raft 4 x 4
8. Build a research table
9. Build a small anchor
10. Find an island
11. Kill the shark and jump in to harvest island resources
12. Dive deep and get iron ore from the sides
13. Seaweed and scrape are in the shallows
14. Get a clamshell to make a bird nest or 2
15. Rinse and repeat and make better stuff as you get resources

Overall. Its allot of fun and would give this a 5 thumbs up

NOTE to Noobs:
There is no built in cheat / creating god mode that can be utilized in game.
There is no cheat key to prevent starvation or prevent becoming shark poo.
Game start is hard to get established but once you are, game is allot of fun