Loving this new battle royale that just released on steam called: Realm Royale on June 5th, 2018. Its your typical br game, just with added content and super fun! I have been using some hacks and cheats for it aswell, and it’s making the game super fun to play! Check the video out here, this guy shows how to get the aimbot, chams and esp:

Realm Royale is easily the best game out at this moment, Very fun to play also the main positive is that you don’t have to build the Taj Mahall to win a game.. Excited to see what they bring out to make the game more fun 🙂

If you like Fortnite, but hate the building mechanic? This game is kinda that, except with some other cool stuff added in, like skills, mounts, and a funny way of dying/being revived. Overall if you l ike the feel and aesthetic more than PUBG, this games good af so far. We’ll see how they decide to make money off the game, hopefully just cosmetics.


-Art style is fun
-The classes are interesting
-No unexplainable deaths thus far
-Unique dynamics such as crafting better gear, breaking down lower tier gear and class specific abilities
-Hands down, the easiest Battle Royal to get into and master thus far. It can be played casually or competitively and enjoyed in either light.
-I really enjoy this game’s revival mechanic where it relies on your team mates protecting you, instead of standing there, attempting to pick you up.. Best part is, you get to run around as a crazy chicken while waiting to be revived. You can be downed three times before its considered an instant death.
-You can text or voice chat in-game to your team mates.
-No sprint because you’re always sprinting, but if you want to go faster, you can summon a mount. Awesome!

Despite these issues I surprisingly still thoroughly enjoy the game. The game is incomplete and lacks polish but if the core mechanics can deliver this amount of fun then it clearly has untapped potential. I highly recommend this game to anybody who is a fan of shooters and of course of Battle royale style games. Even if you aren’t a fan of battle royale’s I still suggest you give it a try because the aiming in this game feels smooth and clean. You can also create a variety of different plays with your class abilities. I cannot wait to see how this gem develops