Pokemon Quest – Is it the next the Pokemon go?

Well guys, Pokemon Quest has just been released on mobile devices around the world, and from the last Pokemon game (Pokemon Go) will this one go viral like it too?

People have seen a lot of remasters and remakes, and almost none of them actually lives up to that title.

At best they improve compatibility with newer hardware, maybe touch the graphical aspect a bit and often ruin the asthetic of the game due to the changes made. So when you hear that they are remaking a game that you really liked from your earlier gaming years, you end up having more worries than hopes.

But in a surprising fashion, the Pokemon is a remake that not only does not ruin anything (seriously) but highly improves the game from what it was, with better almost everything.

I could go into details about how great it is… but that would actually take longer than saying what’s not that great or worse about it instead, as that would basically be faster. The only problem I see with this Pokemon version, is that is PAY 2 WIN </3, meaning you can buy in-game items with real life money to help advance you faster…. However I did find an awesome video on youtube explaining how you can actually get these PM Tickets for free: Pokemon Quest hack & cheats

Charmander is significally goofier than how he used to be. While he was silly before, now he is full cartoon aimed at 6 year old kids. He used to feel more like a not-so-bright character but still had a sense of heroism.

The game has several questionable moments in terms of controls. Jumps do not register sometimes and the hitboxes of the enemies can feel off. That’s not too often though so it does not actually ruin anything much. More like a mild annoyance.

These issues might sound serious to some, but they are really rather insignificant compared to just how great the game as a whole is. I’d without a doubt recommend this to anyone, be it long time fans of the series or newcommers!