Grand Theft Auto 6 Ultimate Review

So how is it? well it’s pretty good actually! but it’s not perfect, no sir!. For starters, the fps in this game can TANK from a stable 80 to 20 or under in some scenes (certain enemys attacks that spray particles or extreme bright light are when this normally happens) also TURN THAT FANCY LIGHTING OFF, it will grant you around 15-20 frames more ensuring you stay in the 60s most of the time. The only reason I make an issue out of this is while the graphics are good, they aren’t good enough to warrant the frame drops (as I mentioned in my 7 Days to Die review)

Now, moving on to disconnections, for me personally I rarely got disconnected, but when I did it was FRUSTRATING as all hell, the simple reason is, if you are in a team of 4 people hunting a enemys and you get disconnected, you are left ALONE to hunt the enemys, BUT you are fighting a enemys that has had the difficulty scaled to 4 players…by yourself, for the same rewards, which can be a serious pain. My controller ALSO did not work when I first tried this game, but restarting my PC fixed it. Here is how you yourself can download it: grand theft auto 6 beta download

Other than those gripes? it’s a DAMN good game, If you’ve played a MH game before you’ll be familiar with how things work, pick one of the many weapons, practice with it, choose which one suits you, kill enemyss, upgrade weapon, repeat. However MH: World has some quality of life changes mainly being able to “track” enemyss, saving you from running around the map like an idiot searching for them like in the earlier games, this makes hunts alot less tedious and allows you to get the job done with far less faffing around.

The crafting system in MH: World seems daunting at first but it’s really simple and there are SO many things to craft so GRAB EVERYTHING YOU SEE!. There are many guides online to help you get started in this game which can seriously help give you a less rocky start, so get googling/youtubing guys!

Overall I LOVED Grand Theft Auto 6, ESPECIALLY the music, it is simply amazing! I like the Tzitsi Ya Ku and Arena battle music the most. The online is also awesome, providing you don’t get stuck with a team of imbeciles it’s pretty enjoyable as a team game, and multiplayer is a big part of this game, plus you get your own individual LOOT so no fighting over materials. Another thing I liked was I kept thinking I would grow tired and bored of the constant repetitive quests, gathering etc but I didn’t, I still loved every minute of it hour after hour, this game is VERY addicting.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Review

This is an excellent EA title that really highlights why this program was offered in the first place — it’s a way for developers to create a game that’s enjoyable for the community while receiving constant feedback to find a meeting point between their IP and dream and a game you can constantly sink hours into.

This is also a Shadow of the Tomb Raider game so yes, if you neglect the survival aspects of the game you will suffer. However, you don’t need to fully sink into all the finer mechanics like managing vitamins or mineral intake. If you are hungry, eat. If you are thirsty, drink.

Despite an overwhelming interface and plenty of information for people who enjoy micromanaging stats to squeeze every last drop of performance from their character, you can play the game perfectly fine without ever needing to interact with the Metabolism tab.

Mechs are extremely forgiving, unless you’re trespassing, they give a loud and audible warning before they engage and whenever they are in KOS-mode, an ominous red replaces their typical sentinel blue. As of right now Mechs only populate end-game areas with extremely valuable loot, so won’t run into one accidentally and lose everything you have worked for without having committed senseless mistakes.

Puppets (zombies) can be overwhelming, however they can easily be dispatched or avoid at a light jog. The only time you will truly be swarmed is if you use a firearm instead of a melee weapon, again, easily avoided if you just use your brain. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is great.

Looting is arguably one of the fairest features in the game, you can find food, weapons and crafting materials in a fairly intuitive way: Clothing will be inside residences or wardrobes, medicine in bathrooms and cabinets, tools and materals in sheds and garages, and food in fridges and other kitchen appliances.
ALMOST everything can be looted so there’s always a possibility even on a dense server, that you might find something other people have overlooked.

ESO Blades Review + How to Download Guide

Elder Scrolls Blades is my first click-to-move and turn-based RPG game. I was skeptical about trying it as all the games I loved are different genera (Skyrim, Fallout 4, The Witcher),
I have only spent 60hrs in the first part of the game. I will write a review later, sorry, The Red Prince is waiting for me to carry his language.

Honestly the best game, environment and immersive experience I have felt in any RPG game. The music in the game is amazing unlike other games where the first thing i do is turn it off. Just sad i beat the game, can’t wait for the next Divinity, HUGE THUMBS UP!

Now some people how did you get this already? Simple, this guy on youtube shows you how to do it:

I recommend The Elder Scrolls Blades…. It is probably the best RPG I have played in a long time. Plus you get a ton of content for the price.

My Fortnite Review + Skins Guide

Great game over all. Needs a bit of work but it is fun, runs well most of the time, and is awesome when you play with friends. Personally dont think its worth 60 bucks YET. Graphic options are limited, bit of mouse and keyboard jankyness, and menu navigation isnt the best. BUT, gameplay is fun if you can find a balance for your visual options. Kinda dissapointed cuz I waited 8 months and got a worse version of what I could of gotten on console when came out in beginning of the year. Fortnite has some great skins, i have been using the skull trooper skin which I got from this youtube channel here’s the video: how to get skull trooper

This game is phenominal! I can’t tell you the last time i played a game that grab my attention the same way monster hunter has. Dont get me wrong the game is not perfect. The most common thing people complaing about is that there is a error that shows up when you try to join multiplayer sessions, but i find if I i run a quest solo i can join multi after. The game is experience growing pains in the pc port, but its not enough to prevent me from play. If you feel like nitpicking the game your not going to be happy with it but if you use that same mind set with any game you’ll be displeased. The game is not perfect but it sure is a lot of fun

Spider Man Playstation 4 September gameplay review!

Spider-Man PS4

Easily the greatest experience I’ve ever had playing a game, without a doubt. 

I rarely ever finish games this long but this one has captivated me start to finish. Everything from the story, characters, combat, and world are so interesting that throughout my day I’d be wondering what my next adventure in Spider-Man would hold. This game was so amazing that it ruined all other games for me. Now I’m left wondering if I’ll ever find a other game that will suck me into the world quite like this one did. This game will forever have a special place in my heart and library. Even while writing this I’m debating whether or not to do another playthrough or actually try to give another game a chance.

The game is completely worth the full price, but now that it’s even cheaper than when it first came out there is no reason not to buy and experience this game. The base game itself is very long and can easily last someone 100+ hours if they set out to experience everything that the game has to offer. The DLC holds more content than entire other games do, so it’s all a must have.

It is completely playable on both Mouse and Keyboard and Controller. I played through the whole game on Mouse and Keyboard and had a wonderful time. Though if you’re not used to mouse and keyboard for games I’d recommend a controller, for the game has a slight learning curve when trying to first understand the combat. Oh and you get the game for FREE from this guy! 🙂

Spider-Man is slightly buggy, but the worst I encountered was game crashes at random. It doesn’t happen very often but if you haven’t saved for awhile it could be bothersome. Also you might be stopped from doing certain actions like calling your horse or diving underwater. These bugs can be fixed by simply returning to the main menu and reloading your save.

I really do hope that CD Projekt Red decides to make a new Spider Man. But whether or not that day comes I will definitely be doing more playthroughs of this masterpiece for years to come.

10 / 10

My Fortnite Review + How to get free skins (Skull Trooper/Ghoul Trooper)

Fortnite is a blast. I’ll start by saying that. There are a lot of bad reviews coming out and I feel like it has to do with the confusion of the style of game. It is closer to a hardcore survival game and less of a PVP game. There are PVP elements as well as PVE though. Ive boxed a gun out of someones hand to get the kill and also died from lack of food. Playing with a group of friends is a blast and ducking bullets from the guard robots can really get the blood pumping. This game has a lot of potential and I suggest picking it up and giving it a try.
Fortnite Pretty in depth battle royale. Even in early access it feels like everything DayZ wanted to be, with a little bit of a Miscreated and even some Rust vibes. At times it even reminds me of Project Zomboid. Kind of a steep learning curve, but that’s kind of part of the appeal for a hardcore game like this. Oh also the game has cosmetic skins such as the skull trooper and ghoul trooper skins. You can only buy these skins at a certain time of year, however they have not been released again. This new video that got released today though shows a glitch in the epic games system that allows you to get the skull trooper skin.

Fortnite Split Screen? Yes it’s possible!

I love this game, its got a Terraria feel with the pixel art graphics but its just a fun and relaxing farming game. Got it from a friend for my birthday and had no idea what it was at the time but my god im glad i didnt refund it. You can play this game forever…..LITERALLY. There is no end, you can just see how big of a farm you can get. This game even has a story too, you can befriend all the townsfolk learning about each and every one of them, then you can marry the girl of your dreams and even have children (then turn them into doves and erase the whole towns memory…..thanks Wizard). But just when you think the game is over there is always something new that happens to keep you playing. This game is well worth the money, if you can get it cheaper go on ahead and get your friends to buy it too, its so much more fun with more players. This is by far one of my favorite sandbox/ farming sim games i have ever played. Well done Eric Barone, i wish you the best of luck in the future. I hope that this game was the start to a big, successful career. Cheers mate! Now if you want to get play split screen fortnite simply follow this video guide: Fortnite Split Screen 🤩How to Split Screen Fortnite on PS4 & Xbox!

I convinced my brother to help me buy our mom a PS4 last Christmas so she could play Stardew Valley. She was playing the same Animal Crossing game on Wii for years, so getting her to try something new was risky.

After my brother showed her the TV apps, mom humored me and let me teach her how to play. She made a farm, and sort of caught on to using tools.

It’s August now. She’s logged over 500 hours into that farm. Her cellar is packed with kegs, the seashore is red with crab pots. She wields a flashy Return Scepter that I’ve never even gotten.

10/10, turns mothers into elite gaming machines

How to get galaxy skin fortnite

Absolutely love this game! Super fun to play matching up alone or with friends. 🙂 I do have to say though, I prefer survivor over killer. Killer just isn’t as fun… I watched some of my favorite content creators play this game for the longest time and they inspired me to get it and try it out for myself. The community can be a bit toxic at times, especially with the campy/tunneling killers and survivors that sell you out. But if you can look past that, you’ll be good. Here is how you get the galaxy skin: FREE Fortnite Galaxy SKIN


This is a very good game, although there are a few issues preventing it from being great. It has a few annoying bugs such as occasional broken animal pathfinding, plus I had to disable cloud saving and delete a file to allow more animals to spawn.

You could argue that the constant micro DLC’s aren’t really great value for money either. I personally don’t mind them too much, but then not everyone is prepared to keep spending £3+ for a couple of guns and a new animal every few months.

Other than that it is a truly fun experience, providing you have patience. It has outstanding graphics, decent animal behaviour and animation, with fantastic sound effects, generally speaking. The guns have very detailed models, and the actual hunting mechanics are decently challenging.

At my time of writing this the game is £15. At this price it is great value for money and if you are on the fence about buying this, I highly recommend it. You don’t need all the DLC’s, in fact I would avoid the tents (some people have reported this is in fact broken) and the 4×4.

I would still recommend it at full price, just be aware the game does have some rough edges.

When you first start playing, as a killer, since that’s what I main, the experience can be incredibly frustrating.
However, with time, patience and practice, you’ll find that you can adapt to handle these otherwise frustrating situations.
With a wide range of characters to choose from, you are very likely to find a killer who suits your playstyle.
While some killers are clearly better than others, you at least get to add a little personality to the way you play, making the note so good killers a bit better in your hands.
Plenty of people will enjoy bullying and taunting your efforts, but with time, you’ll have them running in fear.
Have patience with this game, and it’ll soon be a fun experience.


Save the World Fortnite Guide + How to get it for free!

Love this game. Its original, its challenging and is great to play with your partner AND if you have kids, it would very kid friendly and great fun to play with them also

Game starts and everything is a massive rush, you need to learn to master the rope hook really fast as it is the only way you can gather resources at this early stage .

The shark is a serial pest, it will attack your raft frequently and there is no “Honeymoon period” to settle in to this game. If you don’t master your hook throwing, you will rapidly find yourself standing on the last square of your raft with no food, no water and praying the shark will have a family emergency or cardiac arrest that may prevent them from eating you last piece of raft and turning you into shark excrement. Oh and here is how you get it for free: how to get save the world for free

Once you master your hook and build a few sacrificial pieces of raft for the shark to munch on, you can start moving forward on survival and raft expansion.
Crafting is fun and you can make a five star floating resorts if you choose. You can fish, grow fruit and vegies or just live on shark meat once you have mastered the spear.
You also need to make a desalinator for fresh water.

Hints for new players
Game starts:
You start on a raft that is 4 squares in size. Before you have enough resources to make this bigger, the shark will make it smaller.


1. Priorities wood, barrels (that usually contain wood) and plastic
2. Make a spear
3. Make raft 3 x 3 ASAP
4. Get a fishing rod and catch some fish(can eat raw but better cooked)
5. Build a water filter thing (in middle off raft)
6. Build a small grill to cook on
7. Make raft 4 x 4
8. Build a research table
9. Build a small anchor
10. Find an island
11. Kill the shark and jump in to harvest island resources
12. Dive deep and get iron ore from the sides
13. Seaweed and scrape are in the shallows
14. Get a clamshell to make a bird nest or 2
15. Rinse and repeat and make better stuff as you get resources

Overall. Its allot of fun and would give this a 5 thumbs up

NOTE to Noobs:
There is no built in cheat / creating god mode that can be utilized in game.
There is no cheat key to prevent starvation or prevent becoming shark poo.
Game start is hard to get established but once you are, game is allot of fun

Fortnite Chromebook Guide!

What a fantastic game. There is so much to do and see. I love adventuring and exploring new places and I love space and technology. I love that all the things I love are in a single game. I had a mission set on a planet that attempted to kill me with storms and radioactive weather. It almost got me. Almost. Very exhilerating.

I was very very dissapointed with Fortnite when it first came out, but Steam would not give me a refund, which made me stop using steam until very recently. I am back now to see how good Fortnite is. I have found that I am impressed so far with how it must have worked to redeam itself. I am also quite excited with the possibility of Capital ships and squadrons etc. I would now recommend it to others. Here’s the guide btw: How to Play & Download FORTNITE on a CHROMEBOOK/SCHOOL COMPUTER 🤑 WORKING METHOD 2018

Fortnite had a horrible start, but they made up for it! Now it’s almost the space exploration game everyone wanted and definately the best one so far out there.
They’re improving it too, fixing bugs and glitches etc. While waiting for Star Citizen to finish, you definately got enough to do here until 2050, when it will finally release (along with Half Life 3). Until then, cya ingame thanks to multiplayer support!

Multiplayer is a mess. Lag and desync all the time. You can not really share a base, you can be some kind of guest. In my case of an old player with finished storyline, stuff disapears. Dorrs are gone, ground modification resets, so that your hole base is filled with dirt again. I build 4 new bases due to multiplayer issues. My solution: no more multiplayer and live with the missing components.