Ni no Kuni 2 Steam Review

Games amazing, but it makes me think “damn, this could be another fallout/skyrim style game” I mean it’s unique because its an ni no kuni game but damn, Fallout and Skyrim, are just THE BEST games….

This gets: 9/10

p.s. said i had 45 minutes to buy it when it was 40% off, and now im seeing its still 40% off, so yeah I would’ve liked to have known that kind of pisses me off because of my financial circumstance but lucky…i made it work.

Ni no Kuni has really stepped their game up as of late. This was a pleasant surprise. Same old combat was expected, but they mixed it up just enough to feel fresh. Phenomenal graphics and a decent story. A tremendous amount of free content after you finish the main story was a great surprise.
While you can tell they looked around the industry for some new ingredients to add to the formula, it’s mostly the same gameplay as every other Ni No Kuni games.

Positives: Environments are visually stunning, the world is surprisingly varied and alive, and exploring is really fun. The story has some ups and downs but is ultimately really rewarding and well done, especially the further it goes. Tons of stuff to do, but all of it fits well into the overall flow – no ramdom trinkets to collect for no apparent reason, and everything gives you at least some kind of tangible reward instead of just a box to tick & that I also got this ni no kuni 2 for free!

Negatives: Still has the sameĀ  open world jankiness it has had since the first game, which stands out even more in such well realized environments. The combat is awful – they’ve completely redone how it works, and it’s a MAJOR downgrade…the controls are a mess and frequently made fights infuriating. Which leads to the mission design – usually fine, never particularly exciting, but a few are just plain bad. I even had a minor flashback to the final mission of it (a complete trainwreck of a mission). The music queues had a few rough transitions, but nothing crazy.

Overall, a good game. Having completed the story, I will definitely be going back to finish wandering around and just SEE everything- the world is worth seeing all of. But gameplay-wise, the effort to “fix” the series feels mostly like they threw a pile of mechanics they stole from other games at it. Some work well (the exploration of Skyim or Witcher 3) but others are totally pointless (the Destiny-style loot system). The most beneficial work they did was probably what they took out of the forumla, rather than what they added.