My Venom Movie Review

there’s more specifically a superhero in the Rogues Gallery are totally connected and you can’t disentangle them without ruining the chemistry to make some interesting in the first place every great hero has a great Rogues Gallery Superman’s Rogues Gallery is absolutely fascinating the X-Men had some absolutely fascinating villains I would say Batman put in close second place in my opinion would be Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery going back to the last 50 years Spider-Man his head some of the best villains of all time and during my childhood there was no new villain that was introduced that was more exciting than Venom I was like 12 or 13 and Todd McFarlane was absolutely hitting home runs on a monthly basis with the character Spider-Man and an Amazing Spider-Man 300 when he officially introduced the character I was absolutely Spellbound the connection of Eddie Brock hatred for Spider-Man along with the semis hatred for Spider-Man after having been rejected they came together for this perfect villain that had his intent emotional connection to Spider-Man Joker’s reason for being tied up with Batman what are the greatest panels and comic book history in The Dark Knight Returns when the Joker has basically been catatonic for years here’s the Batman has come out of retirement and immediately gets this giant grin on his face and says darling and it kind of comes to life again this is my child Venom is Venom’s whole reason for being is hatred for Spider-Man generations of Venom over the years and he’s gone through many changes the semi is actually gone on to several different bodies I really liked it when he hooked up with the Scorpion during the Warren Ellis days when he was doing Thunderbolt those are some of my all-time favorite bedtime stories there a lot of people who really love the Flash Thompson stories race basically like a super mercenary wearing the Venom suit or Venom is all about Eddie Brock but by doing an Eddie Brock origin story without Spider-Man you’re basically cutting yourself off from the main artery of what makes a story interesting in the first place so from the word go conceptually this movie was just a gigantic misfire but there’s also a major problem movie wants to be there are times where it’s just a generic super villain / superhero can any hero origin story and when I say generic I mean generic all the way in terms of generic villain generic thugs working form generic dialog like everything is by the Numbers unimaginative really flat boring borderline disgusting photography no imagination provision with whoever and then their times for the movie is just outright. Venom brings also a new set of villians to the marvel series…. I watched it here: how to watch venom online

embarrassingly stupid and I felt nothing but pity for Tom Hardy during the movie because he is doing everything in his power to go to breathe something resembling the life into the summer reminded me of somebody like drowning in a pool of water and somebody keeps throwing them puppies and infant and they’re trying desperately to keep all these little creek she’s alive but they’re completely overwhelmed there’s no chance we’ll ever be able to pull it off and I know a lot of people are talking about how this movie is actually secretly like one of those bad movies that so bad that it’s good that I actually is like a really funny buddy movie I don’t buy that at all I kind of snickered maybe once or twice and all the audience that I saw this movie with was absolutely 100% weather for I can see your kind of scattered giggling throughout but never at any point that everybody started clapping or never named Point everybody started laughing in unison it was just kind of awkward cringe-inducing a fair for everybody involved and so much was made of the debate of PG-13 verses are in the months leading up to the release but the problems in this movie run far deeper than weather night willing to show venom ripping someone’s arm off or consuming them there on camera while I would have preferred to see a hard R movie I was perfectly happy to roll the PG-13 but what made it worse was how much the filmmakers kept talking about how we really could have pushed the PG-13 rating as far as we can take it when somebody is boasting and bragging about how hard corn intense their PG-13 rating is going to be a little bit like kind of market and sell in non-alcoholic beer talking about how cool and badass and hardcore this beer is you’re not going to get drunk you’re not going to get a buzz but it’s really hard core I should have just announced months ago that was going to be PG-13 and people would have just left it alone because I Logan and Deadpool probably the best examples of R-rated superhero movies I’ll probably include Kick Ass In the Mix as well or even Kingsman which is also based on a comic but in all those movies the R rating runs deep into the core of the store they’re telling us not just about whether not you include a few splattering blood affects it’s a matter of whether or not you’re going to tackle adult content is in early on a Deadpool run