My Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Review

I honestly enjoy this game. While I feel that most of it is made for PvP, just due to the fact that the normal mobs are pretty easy to deal with once you understand them and how they work. I usually only play PvE, mostly because I suck at PvP and I enjoy the building aspects of this game.

With that said, I also wish there was more to this game. I would love to see puzzle dungeons (more figure out vs fighting) or special pre-made events that occur randomly (not talking about purge because sadly that is still pretty messy in my opinion) I would love to see more items be craftable and more decorations that could be made, without having to download MODS.

However I love that they allow mods as I have found some amazing mods to try out like Pippi, and Calamitous just to name the two best ones I use. I think this is definitely not going to be the type of game for everyone. Street Fighter is the type of game for me, and I enjoy it a lot when I play it. Also as a side note, playing on private servers is much more enjoyable then playing on official.

From there you survive, using only your wits and your trouser-snouser to defeat foes and gather resources

Theres plenty of lore in this game, but you wont notice it because every time you crouch you get distracted by the realistic jiggle physics. However, you can can it for free here: street fighter 30th anniversary collection free

Not sure why, but jerks come out in force on the main servers so be sure to try a private one instead as the community is usually a lot more fun and not filled with so many.

This game is awesome and fun with friends, however I see a lot of bugs. My biggest complaint will probably be that this world is gigantic and even with friends it just seems rather empty for the size it offers. Archery needs to be improved, because the way the fighting style works, it is very challenging to use bows solo without someone distracting the enemy. I was surprised as to no magic, at least I have seen 50+ hours in. I love the game though, I have faith the bug will be ironed out and more content will be added in