My Mario Kart Review!

Mario Kart 8 was next gen game after Mario Kart 7, so some bigger the improvements were made after 4 years of “over and over again”. I agree in this genre of games it is hard to create something new. But MK8 had a lot of new details compared to it’s older games.

The physics are improved, they are more realistic and harder to master.
Graphics and effects are way better.

All in all game is looking beautiful and alive, you can have a nice time playing this or just hard coring to get better lap times. I really like that player can adapt game to his skills and enjoy more arcade or more realistic experience just as he wants.

A game that has come a long way from it’s start. When this game first came out, all I saw was just a graphically enhanced version of Mario kart 7. But after spending over 100+ hours in the game itself, it shows more than expected. The driving feels great, the deformation of the vehicles look amazing, and the environment looks stunning. With some extra content installed, (Cars, planes, map extensions, etc) you can easily spend a long while exploring the operations of each vehicle and their limitations. Add on a steering wheel setup, and spend some time adjusting the settings to your liking, you can make it really feel simulated, more than intended. I look forward for many more updates to come, and many more add-ons that have yet to be created.

Now should you buy it? Yes. Support the developers! But…. if you are low on cash you can always just watch this youtube clip: mario kart 8 deluxe for free!

In other words, if you have not picked this game up, and you are into realistically simulated games, I fully hope you give this game a chance. If you are like me, you will definitely not regret your purchase.

Alright, Hands down this game is amazing. I’ve had it for quite a while, And My word, ITS AWESOME! It has a massive Modding community, The Physics are outstanding, The sounds are great, Almost everything about this game is fantastic. This game is worth the money, and even more worth it if you have a wheel.