My Kirby Star Allies Review!

Yeah, Kirby Star Allies, it’s fun, but I don’t see any reason to play it beside any other game.
You should download it and play it by yourself, maybe even play it with friends : I think it’s the only way the game is meant to be played anyway.
I think the real downside of this game is the fact that it has no “life” : Characters are all -meh-, and they really feel the same playing them, if you put aside the differents weapons.
Skins are expensive and there is no way to get them without paying, which I guess is fair because they are not so “coool” so you don’t wan’t them anyway
Matchmaking is just not a thing so be prepared to fight newbies and pro-gamers alike.
Just play and do your own opinion.

The game struggles to make its own identity while simultaneously arsing with other game identities. Take, for example, the following game mechanics and their respective games.

Stockpiling — Extremely similar to Stronghold with “cubelets” of things. Visually nice. Not similar to Stronghold because you can build infinite of them for free in any shape/size/resource storage. So ultimately there’s no strategy to it. Your resource mining buildings generate waste. Okay… It’s like SimCity but you have to put 10 landfills every few days if you have just a few gatherers.

Robots — Factorio seems to be the easiest comparison here. Robots in factorio actively seek “employment” aggressively with certain things being higher priority. You can also build more robot ports for better coverage, etc. In Mars you get the robots attached to the original ship and a single robot rover that has some drones. You have to micromanage the movement of this rover to enable your drones to do ANYTHING that you want within its limited range. You can only get more rovers by buying them from ships (which are limited).

Goals — ??? It’s pretty sandbox-y, but there isn’t really a drive to complete some special goal except to keep expanding. It gets too tedious with multiple domes and “colonies” because the micromanagement is too intense. Speaking of…

Micromanagement — This is by far the worst aspect. Dome #2 needs food, you need to use a rover to set up a supply line between Dome #1 stockpile and Dome #2 stockpile. This goes with EVERY resource in the game since ALL structures have an upkeep cost and require occasional maintenance from drones. You either build small and don’t expand or you micro the hell out of your drone rovers to be in range to fix your broken stuff. Find anomalies? Better micro your explorer rover to grab each and every one of them one at a time. You also can’t select more than one drone/rover/colonist at once. Your rovers also have no AI. NONE. You can’t have them auto gather resources in scanned areas and bring them back to stockpiles. You can’t patrol with your drone rovers to encompass larger areas. Hope you remember where everything is or your colony might just randomly die with no drones supporting it. Your drones need power. They get it from rovers. Your rovers need power. You need to occasionally make rovers gather it at power lines. Tedious and boring. However this game is available on the Nintendo switch which means you can play it ANYWHERE!

Maintenance — Some structures require rare resources you can only get early on from limited rocket launches. If you run out, you’re SOL (get it). RimWorld has a similar maintenance mechanic, but it doesn’t constantly drain resources and instead just requires some to fix buildings (much preferred choice). If you are looking at buying this game, check out this video: kirby star allies for free!

Loved the game and was super addicting, I loved everything especially them emotes. 🙂 The only problem was that it seemed like there were big amount or reasonable amount of hackers/ cheaters but everything else is perfect. Keep It Up! \=/ (^-^)