My Injustice 2 Review in 2018

TL:DR – Injustice 2 is an epic spinnoff of the first game, and I love it. You can spar with friends, play an epic story, customise your heroes, and even explore the multiverse. While not perfect, this is definitely a title you should pick up.

I actually bought this game because it was on a large sale, making it fit my budget, which made me very happy. The port works very well, but there were a few issues I ran into, but these seem like issues that are exclusive to me and technical issues, not game-driven.


-Epic story
-Tons of content
-Customization lvl 10000
-Amazing graphics


-If like me, you happen to use an ultrawide monitor, the story cutscenes will give you double black bars, because the image is 16:9, and I couldn’t find a fix to it. You also will not get an ultrawide menu when not fighting (but when you fight, it fills the whole monitor and is simply put, gorgeous)

-If you are using as display that goes above 60hz, this will be locked at 60fps, so you won’t reach your full monitor’s potential


-I loved the specific interactions between characters. In the first game, they simply spat a generic taunt at eachother, but now they have a quick conversation, with character-specific wise cracks. It makes it feel like they went all out with all the conversations

-The keyboard controls for this game were iffy, but when I connected a controller it felt like I was playing on a console all over again

-I am nowhere near done with the vast pool of content this game offers, and that’s just awesome

Any game that is intentionally made to be grindier a year into its existence does not deserve a recommendation. Netherrealm doubled the ammount of XP it takes to get from first level to max and gave only a paltry reward for the extra hassle. Of course, you could just spend extra cash to level up automatically. They have shown that they are not above scuttling their own game to coerce players into spending real money to avoid playing their boring grindfest. However, if you want to get this game for free, check out this video: injustice 2 free

It’s a shame, because the actual gameplay is good. I just wish they had made a sequel and left it alone. Unfortunately, the shear grind is too great. Want to play the unique, single player ladders? I hope you have a lot of time and patience, or just a lot of disposable income.

I really liked Injustice 1. I liked Injustice 2. The most recent patch made me hate Netherrealm and the entire series. When I need to amuse myself when playing your game…when getting the computer to play for me is seen as preferable to doing it myself…something has gone wrong. Games should be fun. This is not.