My Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery Game Review [For iOS and Android]

People are hopping on the I-hate-this-game bandwagon harder than I have ever seen before. This isn’t going to be a review of praise, nor will be it be a review of unmitigated nerd rage. Believe it or not, unlike other people this game has not ruined my life. I hope to give examples of what most people want to know going into this.

The game isn’t perfect but is it the MMO anti-christ? Absolutely not. The game itself is good. When I say good, I mean good. Not incredible, not the greatest MMO in the past decade, it’s good. I’m also not saying that the way things launched is excusable, because I’m aware it’s not.

Let me get the cons out of the way first, so anyone who’s actually interested in this game can get a real idea of what they can expect to notice immediately. I plan to be as objective as possible with the cons, listing things that aren’t opinion, but just blatantly obvious. I’m not going to list the combat either because there are plenty of people who enjoy tab-target combat, like myself. I grew up with this type of combat, and while I appreciate action combat and what it’s done to revolutionize the MMO genre, I still feel there’s room for a classic experience.

FPS Performance РHarry Potter Hogwarts Mystery  = You can expect 30FPS in most situations. Spezia (the first large city) runs terribly. Everything else runs decently. The optimization is hugely limited to the engine and its old code. Aside from the general performance, opening windows in the UI cause micro-stutters (something that actually can be addressed).

The server stability currently is fairly rough but is far better than it was on day one. Day one was inexcusable. A huge miscalculation by Neowiz and everyone knows this, including them.

Translation – It’s pretty rough, but if you have a brain and the ability to use common sense, it’s almost a non-issue. I say almost because the skill descriptions are absolutely inexcusable. If anything needed to be translated accurately it was the skills and their descriptions.

UI – cannot be modified in any real way and we don’t really know if it ever will be modifiable. It’s not too large, but also not preferable for some people (including myself). Just something to keep in mind.

There are assorted other bugs that will very likely be fixed in the near future. Some of the worst have already been addressed. None of the remaining bugs ruin the user experience, with the exception of queue times (though that’s not really a bug).

Now with that out of the way, I want to tell you that Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery looks interesting to you from the trailers and videos, and what I’ve said about the current glaring issues the game has don’t really bother you, then try it. It’s a video game. I suspect you’ll live another day if you don’t enjoy it. Now also are lots of cheaters in-game, they were using this videos guide:¬†Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery hacks and cheats

Here’s some of the things that I personally enjoy about the game, because maybe the things I enjoy, you may enjoy also.

The gameplay feels tight. It’s comfortable and familiar. It does what you expect tab target combat to do, but with a little bit of extra umph. This is mostly because of the skill system and how essentially every skill you have can be changed a certain way to suit your preference. There’s obviously going to be a meta for each class, but with Neowiz being the publisher, we can expect changes and balances more frequently than we’re all likely used to in other Western-published Eastern MMOs with the exception of a few.

There’s no pay-to-win. Anyone who says there is, is jaded and uninformed.

The world is massive and genuinely pretty fun to explore. Climbing mountains to skip through a long pathway saving you some hefty time, is satisfying. The lighting and attention to detail in the textures (armour, landscapes, buildings) and overall world models are clearly created with a lot of care. I find myself taking a lot of screenshots.

The game is heavily PvP oritented, and includes fighting over territories, PvP battlegrounds, open world faction versus faction PvP, etc. There’s a whole lot to do for those who love competing with other players face to face.

The auction house is regulated the same type of way Black Desert’s is, which I feel is a plus. It prevents massive inflation and economy control by more powerful players and guilds.

Overall I enjoy the game. I feel it’s satisfying to play and I would honestly recommend it.