My Fortnite Review + Skins Guide

Great game over all. Needs a bit of work but it is fun, runs well most of the time, and is awesome when you play with friends. Personally dont think its worth 60 bucks YET. Graphic options are limited, bit of mouse and keyboard jankyness, and menu navigation isnt the best. BUT, gameplay is fun if you can find a balance for your visual options. Kinda dissapointed cuz I waited 8 months and got a worse version of what I could of gotten on console when came out in beginning of the year. Fortnite has some great skins, i have been using the skull trooper skin which I got from this youtube channel┬áhere’s the video: how to get skull trooper

This game is phenominal! I can’t tell you the last time i played a game that grab my attention the same way monster hunter has. Dont get me wrong the game is not perfect. The most common thing people complaing about is that there is a error that shows up when you try to join multiplayer sessions, but i find if I i run a quest solo i can join multi after. The game is experience growing pains in the pc port, but its not enough to prevent me from play. If you feel like nitpicking the game your not going to be happy with it but if you use that same mind set with any game you’ll be displeased. The game is not perfect but it sure is a lot of fun