My Fortnite Review + How to get free skins (Skull Trooper/Ghoul Trooper)

Fortnite is a blast. I’ll start by saying that. There are a lot of bad reviews coming out and I feel like it has to do with the confusion of the style of game. It is closer to a hardcore survival game and less of a PVP game. There are PVP elements as well as PVE though. Ive boxed a gun out of someones hand to get the kill and also died from lack of food. Playing with a group of friends is a blast and ducking bullets from the guard robots can really get the blood pumping. This game has a lot of potential and I suggest picking it up and giving it a try.
Fortnite Pretty in depth battle royale. Even in early access it feels like everything DayZ wanted to be, with a little bit of a Miscreated and even some Rust vibes. At times it even reminds me of Project Zomboid. Kind of a steep learning curve, but that’s kind of part of the appeal for a hardcore game like this. Oh also the game has cosmetic skins such as the skull trooper and ghoul trooper skins. You can only buy these skins at a certain time of year, however they have not been released again. This new video that got released today though shows a glitch in the epic games system that allows you to get the skull trooper skin.