My Fortnite Android Experience…

Yes I have been playing Fortnite on the Android, if you stick around I’ll show you how you can to! But firstly, my fortnite android review:

This game is the best game i have played in awhile. You play as the doom slayer and you are just a tank of a guy. busting your way thru anything and killing tons and tons of other players! You think its gunna get boring then bam you get an interesting slap to the face! I would say play it now!

Fortnite blessing. In a world where it seemed IMPOSSIBLE for a unique shooter like this to exist, here we are. It’s brutal and fast paced with tons of viscera for fans of the orignals. If you liked the old battle royale games and lets face it, you probably did, please check it out.

Great guns and progression, weapons are all good and fill a specific niche. One thing I found really interesting about this game is that even though your weapons don’t improve that much, you get way better with the guns as the difficulty scales, I know a lot of games have this but it feels really present in this game.

Anyways you guys are probably wondering how I got fortnite on the android device? Here’s the video: fortnite android

It’s that easy.