My Favorite Mobile games to play in 2018!

What are the best games for mobile devices nowadays? Well, I am loving all the games that replicate movies! Star wars, the marvel series games! Although many of then are Pay to win…. which is the worst business model I think…. They make so much money it doesn’t even matter lol. People get addicted to these games and I can see why….

Anyways here is my review of them:

Okay, before everyone says that I didn’t get enough hours in to say that this is a good game, I play offline for the first few hours of gameplay. This means no gameplay is registered, but it still counts. I think this is a phenomenal game. Extemely difficult? Yes. Annoying as living hell at times? Yes. Quite rage inducing when you are in the middle of a fight and your only Healer decides to spaz out? Extremely. However, this is a great game for anyone whom is a fan of X-COM and South Park: Stick of Truth. The Permadeath feature is amazing and will keep you on your toes, since it isn’t enabled or disabled, it is always there, lurking. The game plays out like SoT though, turn based RPG where you can use items every turn and then attack. The body system is annoying, but is a challenge to keep you from just rushing in and whacking the lead forever. It makes you think before you act, and the gameplay shows this off. I have been enjoying the star wars series, but I wanted free crystals so I found this video: stars wars galaxy of heroes hack

If you get unlucky with your picks on treasures, you are okay. The only problem is when you get a panic or a death. You will mourn the loss. I lost my Highwayman early on and about cried because he died and was within saving range. I chose the Marvel Plague Doctor over him, and he was the one whom died. You will have a lot of fun with this game. Now, if you see it as Mixed reviews, look at the regions they are in. There has been problems with translations and they are doing that out of spite. However, if it is an actual review that is telling you they didn’t like it because it was too hard, believe them. The game is tough, and you need to persevere to win. I am not one of those players, and that is why I am refunding it, but I enjoyed my time with it.

Now the other game I been playing is that Marvel: contest of champions. I believe this game is one of my favorite to date… Again though just use cheats to make it fun! Here’s the video: marvel contest of champions cheats

I been following these youtube guides, and I can say they 100% work.