My Dokkan Battle Review

On the fence;
– Scout flies, while i really hated running around the map because your paintball ran out just as it flew away, they seem to have it locked on from the moment you enter, no more scaredy cats running from the area the monster is in, or cowering herbivores.
– Randomized decorations, I truly dislike the talisman farming on other Dragon Ball Z games, i always seem to have horrible luck, but this feels far worse, while their value dropped by a lot because of the removal of negative skills and changing how skills work, its still frustrating to keep getting the same 3 jewels over and over.
– Field traps, flash bombs, pitfall traps, poison cups, toads. i lost count of how many times a poison cup poisoned me, or a sleep toad sleeped me, just because the monster was standing on top of it, or my slinger hitting it despite not even being close to it in anyway.

– Events, Timed events are the bane of any busy person, planned a vacation, but oh noes the monster you wanted to fight showed up during that time, too bad so sad hopefully next year. exams? well too bad that armor you wanted is available till your exam ends.
– Bazelguese,  people who Say Git Gud, getting dive bombed into oblivion by Bazel while Odogaron is humping your leg isn’t fun, it’s just plain annoying, Deviljho the original invasion monster was manageable, he couldn’t cross the map in a second, nor did he fill it with explosives to prevent you from even attacking.
– Tempered, just buffing their health/damage doesn’t make it harder, just means he has more cheese. while Apex isn’t the best example its better, having new attacks, other status effects which you can suppress with an special whetstone was far more exciting. (so yea sad that they only showed up in 4(u))
– Skills, the simplified version just feels dirty, 1 point into attack is already attack up (s) and no negative skills, the synergy between skills is now; what skills gives me the highest attack boost. one of my friends had an armor set which boosted his affinity so high he only could crit, but there is no negative skill synergy, lower your health regen to keep the damage buff of Furor, or double poison to increase the duration of poison, giving you both Furor and resuscitate.
– Weapons, DBZ always had the joke weapons; toilet plunger lance, pizza cutter charge blade, cat blow gun. these weapons don’t look unique, maybe take on a feather and WOW Kulu-yaku, oh white tentacle things, Xeno’Jiva! only end game weapon I went for was nergigante because his weapons were unique. Now here is a nice little glitch you can use for on youtube: dokkan battle hack

Since Freedom unite, I spent hours; learning monster patterns, picking armors based on weapons, and setting up decorations sets for hunts. you lose, learn and try again maybe make a new set, or try a new weapon.
in world i breezed through it, I finished the game in 3 days, and only reason i spent 3 days was because i farmed monsters and went back to help friend who were just starting.
but with the massive success that world had i believe that this will be the new format for Dokkan Battle which saddens me as a long time DBZ player, Gen ultimate was just far better in my opinion.