Mario Tennis Aces on the Nintendo Switch for free? Yes!

Mario Tennis Aces is easily my favorite game. This game has really cool, unique mechanics like no other game. It’s the only game that I’m willing to actually sit down and practice (not that I’m very good). It’s also a great couch co-op game. Even my girlfriend looks forward to playing Mario tennis aces! 10/10

So I click baited you with the title? Oh no…. you can actually can get yourself a free key code that you can redeem on the nintendo eshop. Watch this youtube video:

Only played for a little while because my nintendo switch broke before I could play more :/
I loved the game so far though and this is one of the few games I could actually see myself putting hundreds of hours into and not regretting it (at least not too much). I’d recommend getting it at least to try it out.

Overall its a fun little game to jump into when you have a spare 10 minutes, or want to sink a couple of hours into it. However there are a couple of negatives.

1. Smurfing – the act of a high ranking player going into lower leagues just so they can ‘batter’ lower ranked players for fun. to give a comparison, its like Cristiano Ronaldo joining an under 11’s league at a local school and scoring 20 apast them.

2. Ranking – The ranking system would be great, seriously it would. Were it not for many unranked players playing against ranked players. IE. I played 7 games in a row where i was on the verge of promotion to gold, when those 7 games 6 of them told me they are platinum or above ranked and are just playing their 10 unranked games. This meant I dropped down the division. Its basically unbalanced.

3. Cost – Ive never been a fan of in-game purchases, however this game doesnt require them at all to play. But if you want a load of non basic customisation options without sinking countless hours in, then this may annoy you.