Is Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset worth a buy?

It all sounded so great before release, but once I got to play the game it’s just a huge grind show. Farm, build, rinse, repeat. It’s pure grinding. I’d rather be playing Torchlight II all over again. And the fact that if you pay for stuff, you’ll move ahead quicker by a factor of 3 or 4.
If you want a solid fun, and well done MMOPRG, Elder Scrolls Online is way more rewarding and fun. If you want a good action RPG, go play Torchlight II for the umpteenth time. It’s still more fun.

I Bought ESO the game a few days later as I fully knew the launch was probably going to be a huge mess.
Was really sceptical because of the negativity surrounding the game at Early Access launch.
But decided to see for myself anyway. Just get it for free here:

They already fixed alot of the stuff and the game is actually really fun to play.
It’s not finished yet but the devs are patching like their lives depend on it.

The reworked combat is smooth and fun too, unlike what other people said.

Please do not judge this game because of a bad launch. The fact that they are already adding new content and fixing bugs means they do care about the game.

Very enjoyable MMO and like most MMOs, the experience just gets better the further you progress. Worth the purchase price and look forward to the future updates. Nice change to the relentless grind offered by other MMOs.