iOS 12 Review

Apple has just announced the new iOS 12.1 – Now it is worth the upgrade? Well iOS 12 is an awesome upgrade to all devices. I highly recommend you guys upgrade from iOS 11 to 12. There are so many amazing features that are awesome that help with daily tasks as well as the new emojis in 12.1 (such as the kangaroo)

It looks beautiful, the environments, the particle effects, the lighting… The new iOS is definitely one that is great for the new OLED Displays like in my iPhone Xs

I can see how people can enjoy iOS, the ‘mixed’ rating it currently sits at makes sense as it certainly has it’s positives. Personally however, it’s just not an upgrade that I can recommend.

There are many games now available for iOS.¬†This is the best AC game ever made and the best that Apple game ever made. The size of the map is insane, the world is very beautiful, the combat is fast and fun, the world is diverse and has enough unique locations to make it worth exploring up intil the end. The story is engaging, the characters are likeable. I could go on and on, but, unless you’re a cynical hater stuck on the original style of AC, then you will love this game.

Now you can also jailbreak your ios 12, I actually followed a guide here on youtube: How to Jailbreak iOS 12