How to get galaxy skin fortnite

Absolutely love this game! Super fun to play matching up alone or with friends. 🙂 I do have to say though, I prefer survivor over killer. Killer just isn’t as fun… I watched some of my favorite content creators play this game for the longest time and they inspired me to get it and try it out for myself. The community can be a bit toxic at times, especially with the campy/tunneling killers and survivors that sell you out. But if you can look past that, you’ll be good. Here is how you get the galaxy skin: FREE Fortnite Galaxy SKIN


This is a very good game, although there are a few issues preventing it from being great. It has a few annoying bugs such as occasional broken animal pathfinding, plus I had to disable cloud saving and delete a file to allow more animals to spawn.

You could argue that the constant micro DLC’s aren’t really great value for money either. I personally don’t mind them too much, but then not everyone is prepared to keep spending £3+ for a couple of guns and a new animal every few months.

Other than that it is a truly fun experience, providing you have patience. It has outstanding graphics, decent animal behaviour and animation, with fantastic sound effects, generally speaking. The guns have very detailed models, and the actual hunting mechanics are decently challenging.

At my time of writing this the game is £15. At this price it is great value for money and if you are on the fence about buying this, I highly recommend it. You don’t need all the DLC’s, in fact I would avoid the tents (some people have reported this is in fact broken) and the 4×4.

I would still recommend it at full price, just be aware the game does have some rough edges.

When you first start playing, as a killer, since that’s what I main, the experience can be incredibly frustrating.
However, with time, patience and practice, you’ll find that you can adapt to handle these otherwise frustrating situations.
With a wide range of characters to choose from, you are very likely to find a killer who suits your playstyle.
While some killers are clearly better than others, you at least get to add a little personality to the way you play, making the note so good killers a bit better in your hands.
Plenty of people will enjoy bullying and taunting your efforts, but with time, you’ll have them running in fear.
Have patience with this game, and it’ll soon be a fun experience.