How to download Vampyr for free!

My review will get updated as I play the game..

Having played vampyr for about 2 hours now, I’m not fully qualified to give a review one way or the other, but my enjoyment of the game and the story thus far has caused me to wade into the pool and give my review.. I’ll start off by saying at the moment I highly recommend this game..

It’s a story driven game, with lots of characters and lots of dialog, if you’re the ham bros, fist pumping COD pew pew pew types, you’ll likely want to avoid this game as it requires lots of talking, and conversation choices.. The conversation reminded me of Mass Effect,, only not quite as good.. Although it’s good enough for what this vampyr is.. So you can download vampyr for free here:

You have numerous mysterious to solve, and twist and turns on each character you meets story.. It’s like a bunch of mini stories all rolled up into one big story.

The combat sucks,, no way to really get around that, the combat is like a mix of button mashing, stamina using, let me swing away, stun this person, take bullets like it’s going out of style superman vampire.. Considering how much conversation and dialog went into the game, the shoddy combat can probably be forgiven, although as I said above, the pew pew pew, fist pump crowd will likely get bored after a couple of minutes, and go fire up mindless games like COD, or battlefield or generic PVP game numer 35..

For 50 dollars this game seems very worth it to me at the moment.. While many people will head into the game expecting Dark Souls, or some other game with difficult combat and no storyline, this one isn’t that the combat isn’t particularly difficult, and if you enjoy story driven games, you’ll enjoy this one..

As someone who paid full price for vampyr.. ok well I got like 6 buck discount, thank you for the discount developers prior to the games release,, I’m totally happy with my purchase thus far.. As long as the stories stay tight, I think this will be a really awesome game.