How i get new games for free – [FIFA 19] + Review

So having played FIFA 19 for a few hours, where I play in 2D with 3D replays, I feel that the games themself feel beter.
Atleast in the 2D part I’m seeing better saves from keepers, better longshots and individuel actions that even once turned into a goal and not into a shot 50 meters wide like everytime in fm18.

Tactics seem to be followed better and changing tacktics really changes how your team plays even if you have the same formation. This could be because for the beta I’m playing as Ajax and with pretty good players it has that effect, can’t say if it does for worse teams. Now you watch this video for the guide: How to get FIFA 19 for FREE

The rest of the game just feels much of the same, training is nice for those who want to go really deep into it, but for now it feels like a part of the game that I really don’t want to put 10 hours in, just so the game can tell me I did it all wrong and so have wasted months of players training. So I just keep it on automatic.
There are alot of smaller changes that really make it alot better to play, like the scouting reports, giving contracts to players that don’t demand anything (you can get advise on what a good first draft can look like), the game running a bit better, etc. etc.

Right now it just feels better than fm18 and that is great seeing as I will play this game alot in the coming year. So even the smaller changes make me really happy that they made them.