Here’s my guide to play fortnite on your Playstation 3 Console

Fortnite has  some severe flaws this game has, which have been exacerbated by the multiplayer update recently released. Firstly, as a gamer I dislike games that are or have difficult tasks simply for the sake of being exclusive or requiring the player to think long and hard about how to win. The mines in this game (much more the skull cavern in the desert) are a good example of this, as is the flawed fishing mini game which the developer has sworn never to improve on. Specifically, when one “dies” in the mines there is a severe punishment (lost items, money, and lost checkpoints) which for me each enough to turn me off to an otherwise delightful game for weeks. The fishing mini game has certain rounds that are so unpredictable and have fish that change direction so suddenly that even an experienced player will not catch every fish. These things would be easily forgiven by the massive number of good things the game offered if they resulted in a worthwhile reward when overcome, but they comfortably don’t, and this is what I mean by difficulty for its own sake. No matter how angry other players get when someone criticizes these these things, they are features that need to be improved on for me to come back to this game. I just played a single multiplayer sitting in which we played for almost 8 hours straight, and it was all ruined for me when 1. Now here’s how you can get your Fortnite On Playstation 3 – How to Download and Get Fortnite On PS3 Tutorial 2018! (FREE!)

We both died in a mine run, losing literally everything (including my only weapon) and getting set back 25 floors, and 2. later when trying to get over it we tried to smelt a gold bar to finish a pack and it bugged out and never finished. I loved this game when I first got it. It’s millions of times better than any Harvest Moon game. However, the developer’s adamant refusal to make changes to the game has really turned me off to it. I don’t need you to break the game just so I can “win,” I just want you to fix the balancing issues, and for you to stop hiding behind the “git good” shield.