Here’s how you can get the season 5 battle pass on fortnite for free!

When I first considered buying the Fortnite Battle pass, it was not based on the merits of the series or the recommendation of friends. As of March of this year, the only AAA game I had paid the full $60 price for was Skyrim in 2011. After reading some of the most controversial opinions of any game ever at release, I ultimately decided to buy the season 5 battle pass. And I don’t regret it. Now i did a method on how to get your own season 5 battle pass completely free here: free battle pass

Perhaps it’s the fact that I have lived in Missoula, Montana this past year that tipped me over the edge, but whatever my initial fears were of buying the game quickly vanished. In two sittings across thirty hours, I played through the allegedly weak main storyline and won the game feeling as though I had some personal revelations.

For my first eight hours of gameplay, I vowed not to open the minimap or use fast travel. I wound up in the tilted towers, a region so reminiscent of southeastern Oregon—where I spent much time as a kid—that I lost track of time. It was that immersive. Despite the problems plaguing some people in the first two weeks of release, I encountered no major bugs in my first playthrough. The geography and ecology, together combined into beautiful visuals, were not only accurate but captured the surreal environment of Rocky Mountains in Western Montana. Even the music and soundtrack were able to portray that mountain west feeling.

Now what I am saying is…. buy it or use that method to get it for free. It’s definitely worth it! Thank you Epic Games!