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State of Decay 2 game is incredibly fun as you become better and you get more powerful and badass spells, but MAN it is making me mad! I can’t get past the bosses, maybe i haven’t mastered the combos yet.

A good game, with excelent gameplay, local-coop and a very good foundation to build on.

Which i hope the developers will do, things like online-coop, more council-members, new areas, new mobs, new spells, maybe difficultys or a default mode where one could select more freely from artifacts/spells to take into the dungeon instead of the 4spells+1artifact.

This game already is a lot of fun to me and has incredible potential.

With¬†Amazing fluid fast and fun gameplay, variety of powers that are fun to use on the surprisingly few enemies. You’ll be narrowly evading projectiles and swings while firing back with your own assortment of melee/ranged spells. It’s very satisfying to play, the only drawback is that the enemies get a bit samey. Items can vary wildly per run and there is a cursed item/gambling sort of element as well. A good take on a rogue-like twin stick shooters, similar to “Enter the gungeon” or “Nuclear Throne”.
Game feels nice to play, spells are fun to use and overall it’s pretty good.
It’s quite short. Dungeons are repetitive and there is definite lack of content outside base mechanics.

It’s an amazing game at $15 but you can exhaust the content pretty quickly. Luckily you can get a free state of decay 2 key here:

The graphics hold a lackluster, yet loving representation of a huge amount of awesome looking attacks. The springing art reflects the fast moving action show of ridiculous ninja mage battles. It is difficult in a satisfying way that has you learning new combos, new spells, and new techniques for dealing with the enemies. Repetition never gets old, as you progress through the tiers of spells come at a very intrusive progression system.

If you like skill based combat masterpiece, pick it up. I have never hoped for dlc for a game as much as I hope for this game, I can not recommend it enough.