Grand Theft Auto 6 Ultimate Review

So how is it? well it’s pretty good actually! but it’s not perfect, no sir!. For starters, the fps in this game can TANK from a stable 80 to 20 or under in some scenes (certain enemys attacks that spray particles or extreme bright light are when this normally happens) also TURN THAT FANCY LIGHTING OFF, it will grant you around 15-20 frames more ensuring you stay in the 60s most of the time. The only reason I make an issue out of this is while the graphics are good, they aren’t good enough to warrant the frame drops (as I mentioned in my 7 Days to Die review)

Now, moving on to disconnections, for me personally I rarely got disconnected, but when I did it was FRUSTRATING as all hell, the simple reason is, if you are in a team of 4 people hunting a enemys and you get disconnected, you are left ALONE to hunt the enemys, BUT you are fighting a enemys that has had the difficulty scaled to 4 players…by yourself, for the same rewards, which can be a serious pain. My controller ALSO did not work when I first tried this game, but restarting my PC fixed it. Here is how you yourself can download it: grand theft auto 6 beta download

Other than those gripes? it’s a DAMN good game, If you’ve played a MH game before you’ll be familiar with how things work, pick one of the many weapons, practice with it, choose which one suits you, kill enemyss, upgrade weapon, repeat. However MH: World has some quality of life changes mainly being able to “track” enemyss, saving you from running around the map like an idiot searching for them like in the earlier games, this makes hunts alot less tedious and allows you to get the job done with far less faffing around.

The crafting system in MH: World seems daunting at first but it’s really simple and there are SO many things to craft so GRAB EVERYTHING YOU SEE!. There are many guides online to help you get started in this game which can seriously help give you a less rocky start, so get googling/youtubing guys!

Overall I LOVED Grand Theft Auto 6, ESPECIALLY the music, it is simply amazing! I like the Tzitsi Ya Ku and Arena battle music the most. The online is also awesome, providing you don’t get stuck with a team of imbeciles it’s pretty enjoyable as a team game, and multiplayer is a big part of this game, plus you get your own individual LOOT so no fighting over materials. Another thing I liked was I kept thinking I would grow tired and bored of the constant repetitive quests, gathering etc but I didn’t, I still loved every minute of it hour after hour, this game is VERY addicting.