FUT 19 Review + Coins Guide

I honeestly find FIFA 19 extremely fun. It’s challenging, interesting, fun to learn, and beautiful. When playing with friends all of this can multiplied tenfold.

That said, like every game, it has it’s issues. I’ve personally never enjoyed repetitive grinding, and this game as this in spades. To get the armours, weapons, and upgrades you need you’ll have to grind for hours. Granted this game has put a lot of effort to make it enjoyable, levels are fun to traverse and there are plenty of ways to gather what you need, but in the end it’s still a long grind.

All I can say to people who might want to play this is – Do some research, it’s a complex game, and just give it a try.
and rest assured there will be more than enough gameplay to cover the cost. Oh and heres how i get fifa 19 coins

FUT should be on your list. You can play it solo or with friends. I played the majority of the game soloing hunts which is fun. It can be fast or slow based game depends on your style of gaming and with who are you playing with.