Fortnite Split Screen? Yes it’s possible!

I love this game, its got a Terraria feel with the pixel art graphics but its just a fun and relaxing farming game. Got it from a friend for my birthday and had no idea what it was at the time but my god im glad i didnt refund it. You can play this game forever…..LITERALLY. There is no end, you can just see how big of a farm you can get. This game even has a story too, you can befriend all the townsfolk learning about each and every one of them, then you can marry the girl of your dreams and even have children (then turn them into doves and erase the whole towns memory…..thanks Wizard). But just when you think the game is over there is always something new that happens to keep you playing. This game is well worth the money, if you can get it cheaper go on ahead and get your friends to buy it too, its so much more fun with more players. This is by far one of my favorite sandbox/ farming sim games i have ever played. Well done Eric Barone, i wish you the best of luck in the future. I hope that this game was the start to a big, successful career. Cheers mate! Now if you want to get play split screen fortnite simply follow this video guide: Fortnite Split Screen 🤩How to Split Screen Fortnite on PS4 & Xbox!

I convinced my brother to help me buy our mom a PS4 last Christmas so she could play Stardew Valley. She was playing the same Animal Crossing game on Wii for years, so getting her to try something new was risky.

After my brother showed her the TV apps, mom humored me and let me teach her how to play. She made a farm, and sort of caught on to using tools.

It’s August now. She’s logged over 500 hours into that farm. Her cellar is packed with kegs, the seashore is red with crab pots. She wields a flashy Return Scepter that I’ve never even gotten.

10/10, turns mothers into elite gaming machines