Fortnite Save the World – Worth playing?

By now, you probably know already if you want to buy this game or not. I personally thought it was great. But I am writing this mostly to recommend the level of difficulty you should tackle this game on even during the first trip.

Just completed the game on Hard on the first and only playthrough. I am glad I haven’t listened to some advice and haven’t played on a lower difficulty. The highest difficulty setting is not masochistic and is the only right way to take on this adventure unless you are playing only for the story.

The thing is, all the other difficulties pale in comparison to Save the World and could have been labelled as variations of easy, as all of them have automatic checkpoints. On any of the other difficulties, you absolutely have no need to be careful, and if you died, you are restored to a nearby checkpoint and can try whatever again without any significant penalty. Oh and make sure you get fortnite stw for free =

Deadly Obsession only saves at campsites (with a very few exceptions), this fact made me play the game so very carefully. It was not mind-numbingly unforgiving but actually made me enjoy every bit of Fortnite STW as I took it slowly and less recklessly. Not only I completed the main storyline on the maximum difficulty, but I also did all the tombs, side quests (except one that glitched) and collectables!