Fortnite Review – Worth it?

Terrible just terrible.

this game is not playable on the PC at least with PC controls. I can’t get my fing horse to run, can’t swing my sword or dodge anything. every time I try to play I get shot by the three fs on the horses at the beginning. I can’t outrun them cause I can’t run. No way would I every buy this game again. I asked steam to give me my money back, but because I left it on all night they said I was over the two hour limit. Jesus christ this is terrible. I even picked up an xbox controller but couldn’t figure out how to get that to work either.

No option for old guys like me to turn down the difficulty. I love the idea but the execution is just awful in my opinion. I am so p offed that I wasted 65 on this. Do not buy it unless you play xbox games. My kids could probably play this but I think it would bore the shit it out of them. The only good thing about this “Fortnite” craze, is that the skins are awesome. I found this great youtube channel that will show you exactly how to do it: free galaxy skin

Fortnite and story is wonderful if you can get the damn thing to play… I spent hours trying to get this stupid trash game to work 47.22 for this piece of crap that steam shouldn’t of even allowed on there site in the first place, devs have promised a patch since feb lol audio stutters every convo with an npc it freezes for 1-5 mins lol I have a heavy rig can play ark and any other heavy duty game but this game is broken badly so don’t buy this game unless they patch it and fix the freezes and the audio stutters. Looked all over for a fix tried everything that was given and I’m not the only one with this problem. This game is worth 50 cents not 60 bucks or even on sale 47 bucks. Great game that the devs ran away from and refuse to fix so for the love of God trust me don’t buy this game if you value your money and your time…