Fortnite Chromebook Guide!

What a fantastic game. There is so much to do and see. I love adventuring and exploring new places and I love space and technology. I love that all the things I love are in a single game. I had a mission set on a planet that attempted to kill me with storms and radioactive weather. It almost got me. Almost. Very exhilerating.

I was very very dissapointed with Fortnite when it first came out, but Steam would not give me a refund, which made me stop using steam until very recently. I am back now to see how good Fortnite is. I have found that I am impressed so far with how it must have worked to redeam itself. I am also quite excited with the possibility of Capital ships and squadrons etc. I would now recommend it to others. Here’s the guide btw: How to Play & Download FORTNITE on a CHROMEBOOK/SCHOOL COMPUTER 🤑 WORKING METHOD 2018

Fortnite had a horrible start, but they made up for it! Now it’s almost the space exploration game everyone wanted and definately the best one so far out there.
They’re improving it too, fixing bugs and glitches etc. While waiting for Star Citizen to finish, you definately got enough to do here until 2050, when it will finally release (along with Half Life 3). Until then, cya ingame thanks to multiplayer support!

Multiplayer is a mess. Lag and desync all the time. You can not really share a base, you can be some kind of guest. In my case of an old player with finished storyline, stuff disapears. Dorrs are gone, ground modification resets, so that your hole base is filled with dirt again. I build 4 new bases due to multiplayer issues. My solution: no more multiplayer and live with the missing components.