FIFA 19 PS4/Xbox/pc/nintendo switch Review!

This game is one of the best game that I have ever played. it is fun, solo or online. Graphics are beautiful, music gives players a new sense of excitement. This game is NOT a game where you just run in and rush very mission, you will fail 80% of the time if you do so. This game is a strategy game, but its packed with action. it makes you study the players’s movement, attack pattern, and its behavior before “hunting” them. also the way that the mosters interact with each other is another idea that EA has perfected brialliantly. the players they offer is amazing as well. the only con that i have for this game is that some players will troll you when you are fighting an important boss if yuo chose to send you a SOS flare so considered yourselves warned. with this I will give this game a solid a 9/10

I would highly recommend you to buy fifa 19 for your son or daughter for the true online soccer fifa experience! However not everyone has the money to do so. This youtube channel shows you how to get it for free: fifa 19 free