FIFA 19 Glitch – How to do it!

FIFA 19, I’ve recently taken a more serious liking to FIFA but sometimes it makes me not want to play (rank) due to some game flaws that may or may not be able to be fixed. My biggest issue is Teams vs Randoms, I hate getting matched with random guys with random skills and 0 communication and getting slaughter by wack teams. I’m barely moving when I do win vs other randoms but losing to a team and getting demoted a division because of it feels like a punch in the face everytime it happens and if I somehow manage to beat them I don’t get extra xp or anything (there isn’t any sense of accomplishment). Now one of the best things about FIFA 19 is that ultimate team you can verse other players, the only downside is that it has a pay to win business model. Luckily you can get the fifa 19 glitch here.

Next is AFK or DC’s and rank, when it happens and you clearly don’t have extreme car control you are doomed and whomever you are against is getting free ranks. you don’t get a replacement player you have to deal with the 2v3 or worst 1v3 and still get demoted or drop division for losing. I don’t know what they can do about the AFK/DC stuff but it would be real cool if they could force teams to face other teams or premade groups and let us randoms struggle amongst ourselves. I still like the game I just get frustrated with a few things.