Dragon Ball Legends Hack Review

Have you guys seen this new DB legends game? It is awesome way to relive old memories with the oldschool Dragon Ball characters. It is truly a great mobile experience that I cannot wait to continue playing! My only issue is that is a pay to win business model. I can’t stand that you have to pay to enjoy some aspects of the game. The developers are using “Crono Crystals” to entice players to unlock items ingame faster!

These crono crystals are quite expensive… I saw on the shop that it is $1.69 USD for 5 crystals…. So I went on the search for a free working hack or cheat that can generate me some of these crono crystals completely for free. However, there are many scam videos and websites that will force you to download malware or something on your computer to get these “free” crono crystals.

That is until I found this youtube video check it out here: dragon ball legends hack

It was the only working hack that was actually working and FREE! In the video he explains that you go to the website that he suggests, which was SSL protected by the way… Then you type in your DB Legends username and then select how many crystals you actually want! You then proceed to download some apps and then it works! Well, I gave it a go and definitely does work!

So if you are need of some free crono crystals on dragon ball legends app on ios and android, watch that video and let me know how it goes for you!

It really does the game waaaaaay more enjoyable.