Cod Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Review

Now, I did get an early access code to black ops 4, so this is how I have got all of this information:

I’ve been addicted to this game for over 2 weeks now. I can’t stop. It’s easy to pick up and play a game or two, but once you start finding the drive to become good at this game, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop. The skill ceiling still isn’t even in site yet, even for the pros. New mechanics and skill sets are discovered all the time. In short, I’ve spent far too much money on this game in micro-transactions and I am not one to spend money on cosmetics in games.

Black Ops 4 will consume your soul, if you let it. It is the sole reason for my divorce and my financial problems.  Now you can download this game for free following this youtube guide:

Just with the recent update of the 7 day trade ban. There is a lot of people who do make a living of trading and would like to see if you guys could possibly fix it or remove the 7 day trade game but still overall a great game to play 👍

The Call of Duty franchise but better in overall and constantly updated…

No complain at all from me… definitely a good game that almost everyone have in Steam.

Buy it on sale for extra saving so you can buy skin and stuff for in game stuff

9/10, would recommend.