Black Ops 4 Mobile Review

So black ops 4 releases today, I am very eager to play the old Firing Range maps as well as summit!

I bought black ops 4 on sale after hearing good reviews. While the combat system is engaging, the game is not very well optimised for PC and the frame-rate stutters at certain areas where there isn’t even much going on (even with a gtx 1060). The game also has large hub worlds that are initially fun to explore, but the repetitive NPC dialogues, very poor voice acting, as well as a general lack of lore and decent story telling resulted in a very sloggish start to the game. Although the single player is not call of duty’s most notableĀ  aspects of their games, I still need to mention it.

Now you can also play bo4 on your android or ios mobile device. A video appeared on youtube which shows how to actually do it. Here it is: black ops 4 mobile

Although I am currently only a few hours into the game, several factors are already turning me off:
1. Difficulty scaling on old maps
On normal difficulty, enemies have tremendous amount of HP, and for certain classes (e.g. strider), it takes way too many shots to down a simple enemy player. Although boss fights, which takes a lot of good elements from BO3, are quite fun and engaging, each smaller encounter with harpies/ wolves are an absolute chore.