Are Games on Steam really free?

I’ve only spent 3 hours on this game so far, and I love almost everything about it. The game play has such a sense of physicality to it and every swing of your weapon has weight. Graphics are good, the community is friendly and there are no micro transactions as of today. The only reason I can’t recommend this game is because of the 3 hours I spent “playing”… only 30 minutes were actually playing. The servers have lag so bad you can join a match but you can only take damage, not deal it. But that’s if you’re lucky since it took me 2 and a half hours to join a single match.. not that the community is dead but the servers are unstable. Along those faults is the fact you keep nothing after a match. In summary the game in its current state is just a quick, laggy and unstable battle royale. Luckily I have found an awesome way to play your favorite games on steam. Simply watch this youtube video for sure: How to get FREE Games in STEAM

If you buy this now you’re likely burning your coin, unless you plan on playing LAN with friends or locals.