Apples new ios 12 update for gaming

If you are new to iOS 12, I recommend getting the sequel ios 11 instead of this one, especially if you are playing co-op. Gaming has never been easier on the new ios 12 thanks to the updates!

Divinity original sin is a game that has a lot of promise, but that promise is muddled by annoying game design. Many times does the game require you to hunt for very small and obscured objects in large areas for you to proceed. Many times does the game instantly kill you without any warning beforehand forcing you to constantly save the game if you don’t want to lose alot of progress. This among an annoying inventory system and a plethora of cryptic puzzles that either all but require you to spend hours in trial and error, or frequently search around for guides on them. I do think that the game looks very nice, and i like the character building and the combat for the most part, but i ultimately cannot recommend this game on ios 12 devices!

While this game is one of the most fun games I’ve played in a while, it’s also the most buggy. There’s so many bugs I could complain about, but the most annoying one was when the game didn’t let us to go to fight the last boss. The character we were supposed to talk to to continue the storyline was completely bugged. Hopefully Divinity 2 is less buggy and let’s us actually finish it. And you should definitely jailbreak for even better performance on your apple device! Here’s a youtube guide to show you: ios 12 jailbreak

A few other bugs from the top of my head:
– Skill points resetting after loading a game
– A lot of audio/music related bugs
– Not being able to talk to anyone
– UI (health, status effects etc.) not in sync with other player