How i get new games for free – [FIFA 19] + Review

So having played FIFA 19 for a few hours, where I play in 2D with 3D replays, I feel that the games themself feel beter.
Atleast in the 2D part I’m seeing better saves from keepers, better longshots and individuel actions that even once turned into a goal and not into a shot 50 meters wide like everytime in fm18.

Tactics seem to be followed better and changing tacktics really changes how your team plays even if you have the same formation. This could be because for the beta I’m playing as Ajax and with pretty good players it has that effect, can’t say if it does for worse teams. Now you watch this video for the guide: How to get FIFA 19 for FREE

The rest of the game just feels much of the same, training is nice for those who want to go really deep into it, but for now it feels like a part of the game that I really don’t want to put 10 hours in, just so the game can tell me I did it all wrong and so have wasted months of players training. So I just keep it on automatic.
There are alot of smaller changes that really make it alot better to play, like the scouting reports, giving contracts to players that don’t demand anything (you can get advise on what a good first draft can look like), the game running a bit better, etc. etc.

Right now it just feels better than fm18 and that is great seeing as I will play this game alot in the coming year. So even the smaller changes make me really happy that they made them.

FIFA 19 Glitch – How to do it!

FIFA 19, I’ve recently taken a more serious liking to FIFA but sometimes it makes me not want to play (rank) due to some game flaws that may or may not be able to be fixed. My biggest issue is Teams vs Randoms, I hate getting matched with random guys with random skills and 0 communication and getting slaughter by wack teams. I’m barely moving when I do win vs other randoms but losing to a team and getting demoted a division because of it feels like a punch in the face everytime it happens and if I somehow manage to beat them I don’t get extra xp or anything (there isn’t any sense of accomplishment). Now one of the best things about FIFA 19 is that ultimate team you can verse other players, the only downside is that it has a pay to win business model. Luckily you can get the fifa 19 glitch here.

Next is AFK or DC’s and rank, when it happens and you clearly don’t have extreme car control you are doomed and whomever you are against is getting free ranks. you don’t get a replacement player you have to deal with the 2v3 or worst 1v3 and still get demoted or drop division for losing. I don’t know what they can do about the AFK/DC stuff but it would be real cool if they could force teams to face other teams or premade groups and let us randoms struggle amongst ourselves. I still like the game I just get frustrated with a few things.

Black Ops 4 Mobile Review

So black ops 4 releases today, I am very eager to play the old Firing Range maps as well as summit!

I bought black ops 4 on sale after hearing good reviews. While the combat system is engaging, the game is not very well optimised for PC and the frame-rate stutters at certain areas where there isn’t even much going on (even with a gtx 1060). The game also has large hub worlds that are initially fun to explore, but the repetitive NPC dialogues, very poor voice acting, as well as a general lack of lore and decent story telling resulted in a very sloggish start to the game. Although the single player is not call of duty’s most notable  aspects of their games, I still need to mention it.

Now you can also play bo4 on your android or ios mobile device. A video appeared on youtube which shows how to actually do it. Here it is: black ops 4 mobile

Although I am currently only a few hours into the game, several factors are already turning me off:
1. Difficulty scaling on old maps
On normal difficulty, enemies have tremendous amount of HP, and for certain classes (e.g. strider), it takes way too many shots to down a simple enemy player. Although boss fights, which takes a lot of good elements from BO3, are quite fun and engaging, each smaller encounter with harpies/ wolves are an absolute chore.

Cod Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Review

Now, I did get an early access code to black ops 4, so this is how I have got all of this information:

I’ve been addicted to this game for over 2 weeks now. I can’t stop. It’s easy to pick up and play a game or two, but once you start finding the drive to become good at this game, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stop. The skill ceiling still isn’t even in site yet, even for the pros. New mechanics and skill sets are discovered all the time. In short, I’ve spent far too much money on this game in micro-transactions and I am not one to spend money on cosmetics in games.

Black Ops 4 will consume your soul, if you let it. It is the sole reason for my divorce and my financial problems.  Now you can download this game for free following this youtube guide:

Just with the recent update of the 7 day trade ban. There is a lot of people who do make a living of trading and would like to see if you guys could possibly fix it or remove the 7 day trade game but still overall a great game to play 👍

The Call of Duty franchise but better in overall and constantly updated…

No complain at all from me… definitely a good game that almost everyone have in Steam.

Buy it on sale for extra saving so you can buy skin and stuff for in game stuff

9/10, would recommend.

My Venom Movie Review

there’s more specifically a superhero in the Rogues Gallery are totally connected and you can’t disentangle them without ruining the chemistry to make some interesting in the first place every great hero has a great Rogues Gallery Superman’s Rogues Gallery is absolutely fascinating the X-Men had some absolutely fascinating villains I would say Batman put in close second place in my opinion would be Spider-Man’s Rogues Gallery going back to the last 50 years Spider-Man his head some of the best villains of all time and during my childhood there was no new villain that was introduced that was more exciting than Venom I was like 12 or 13 and Todd McFarlane was absolutely hitting home runs on a monthly basis with the character Spider-Man and an Amazing Spider-Man 300 when he officially introduced the character I was absolutely Spellbound the connection of Eddie Brock hatred for Spider-Man along with the semis hatred for Spider-Man after having been rejected they came together for this perfect villain that had his intent emotional connection to Spider-Man Joker’s reason for being tied up with Batman what are the greatest panels and comic book history in The Dark Knight Returns when the Joker has basically been catatonic for years here’s the Batman has come out of retirement and immediately gets this giant grin on his face and says darling and it kind of comes to life again this is my child Venom is Venom’s whole reason for being is hatred for Spider-Man generations of Venom over the years and he’s gone through many changes the semi is actually gone on to several different bodies I really liked it when he hooked up with the Scorpion during the Warren Ellis days when he was doing Thunderbolt those are some of my all-time favorite bedtime stories there a lot of people who really love the Flash Thompson stories race basically like a super mercenary wearing the Venom suit or Venom is all about Eddie Brock but by doing an Eddie Brock origin story without Spider-Man you’re basically cutting yourself off from the main artery of what makes a story interesting in the first place so from the word go conceptually this movie was just a gigantic misfire but there’s also a major problem movie wants to be there are times where it’s just a generic super villain / superhero can any hero origin story and when I say generic I mean generic all the way in terms of generic villain generic thugs working form generic dialog like everything is by the Numbers unimaginative really flat boring borderline disgusting photography no imagination provision with whoever and then their times for the movie is just outright. Venom brings also a new set of villians to the marvel series…. I watched it here: how to watch venom online

embarrassingly stupid and I felt nothing but pity for Tom Hardy during the movie because he is doing everything in his power to go to breathe something resembling the life into the summer reminded me of somebody like drowning in a pool of water and somebody keeps throwing them puppies and infant and they’re trying desperately to keep all these little creek she’s alive but they’re completely overwhelmed there’s no chance we’ll ever be able to pull it off and I know a lot of people are talking about how this movie is actually secretly like one of those bad movies that so bad that it’s good that I actually is like a really funny buddy movie I don’t buy that at all I kind of snickered maybe once or twice and all the audience that I saw this movie with was absolutely 100% weather for I can see your kind of scattered giggling throughout but never at any point that everybody started clapping or never named Point everybody started laughing in unison it was just kind of awkward cringe-inducing a fair for everybody involved and so much was made of the debate of PG-13 verses are in the months leading up to the release but the problems in this movie run far deeper than weather night willing to show venom ripping someone’s arm off or consuming them there on camera while I would have preferred to see a hard R movie I was perfectly happy to roll the PG-13 but what made it worse was how much the filmmakers kept talking about how we really could have pushed the PG-13 rating as far as we can take it when somebody is boasting and bragging about how hard corn intense their PG-13 rating is going to be a little bit like kind of market and sell in non-alcoholic beer talking about how cool and badass and hardcore this beer is you’re not going to get drunk you’re not going to get a buzz but it’s really hard core I should have just announced months ago that was going to be PG-13 and people would have just left it alone because I Logan and Deadpool probably the best examples of R-rated superhero movies I’ll probably include Kick Ass In the Mix as well or even Kingsman which is also based on a comic but in all those movies the R rating runs deep into the core of the store they’re telling us not just about whether not you include a few splattering blood affects it’s a matter of whether or not you’re going to tackle adult content is in early on a Deadpool run

FUT 19 Review + Coins Guide

I honeestly find FIFA 19 extremely fun. It’s challenging, interesting, fun to learn, and beautiful. When playing with friends all of this can multiplied tenfold.

That said, like every game, it has it’s issues. I’ve personally never enjoyed repetitive grinding, and this game as this in spades. To get the armours, weapons, and upgrades you need you’ll have to grind for hours. Granted this game has put a lot of effort to make it enjoyable, levels are fun to traverse and there are plenty of ways to gather what you need, but in the end it’s still a long grind.

All I can say to people who might want to play this is – Do some research, it’s a complex game, and just give it a try.
and rest assured there will be more than enough gameplay to cover the cost. Oh and heres how i get fifa 19 coins

FUT should be on your list. You can play it solo or with friends. I played the majority of the game soloing hunts which is fun. It can be fast or slow based game depends on your style of gaming and with who are you playing with.

Season 6 Battle Pass Just Dropped

Yo Guys!

Today Epic Games just announced the releasing of the Season 6 Battle Pass.

This new season looks awesome with definitely some spooky skins for halloween! I am very keen to get started on my season 6 tier list!

Oh and also some guy on youtube found a way to get the battle pass actually for free. Check it out here:

This is just a heads up, hope you all enjoy! Happy Fortniting!!!!!!!

FIFA 19 PS4/Xbox/pc/nintendo switch Review!

This game is one of the best game that I have ever played. it is fun, solo or online. Graphics are beautiful, music gives players a new sense of excitement. This game is NOT a game where you just run in and rush very mission, you will fail 80% of the time if you do so. This game is a strategy game, but its packed with action. it makes you study the players’s movement, attack pattern, and its behavior before “hunting” them. also the way that the mosters interact with each other is another idea that EA has perfected brialliantly. the players they offer is amazing as well. the only con that i have for this game is that some players will troll you when you are fighting an important boss if yuo chose to send you a SOS flare so considered yourselves warned. with this I will give this game a solid a 9/10

I would highly recommend you to buy fifa 19 for your son or daughter for the true online soccer fifa experience! However not everyone has the money to do so. This youtube channel shows you how to get it for free: fifa 19 free

Fortnite Save the World – Worth playing?

By now, you probably know already if you want to buy this game or not. I personally thought it was great. But I am writing this mostly to recommend the level of difficulty you should tackle this game on even during the first trip.

Just completed the game on Hard on the first and only playthrough. I am glad I haven’t listened to some advice and haven’t played on a lower difficulty. The highest difficulty setting is not masochistic and is the only right way to take on this adventure unless you are playing only for the story.

The thing is, all the other difficulties pale in comparison to Save the World and could have been labelled as variations of easy, as all of them have automatic checkpoints. On any of the other difficulties, you absolutely have no need to be careful, and if you died, you are restored to a nearby checkpoint and can try whatever again without any significant penalty. Oh and make sure you get fortnite stw for free =

Deadly Obsession only saves at campsites (with a very few exceptions), this fact made me play the game so very carefully. It was not mind-numbingly unforgiving but actually made me enjoy every bit of Fortnite STW as I took it slowly and less recklessly. Not only I completed the main storyline on the maximum difficulty, but I also did all the tombs, side quests (except one that glitched) and collectables!

Fortnite Review – Worth it?

Terrible just terrible.

this game is not playable on the PC at least with PC controls. I can’t get my fing horse to run, can’t swing my sword or dodge anything. every time I try to play I get shot by the three fs on the horses at the beginning. I can’t outrun them cause I can’t run. No way would I every buy this game again. I asked steam to give me my money back, but because I left it on all night they said I was over the two hour limit. Jesus christ this is terrible. I even picked up an xbox controller but couldn’t figure out how to get that to work either.

No option for old guys like me to turn down the difficulty. I love the idea but the execution is just awful in my opinion. I am so p offed that I wasted 65 on this. Do not buy it unless you play xbox games. My kids could probably play this but I think it would bore the shit it out of them. The only good thing about this “Fortnite” craze, is that the skins are awesome. I found this great youtube channel that will show you exactly how to do it: free galaxy skin

Fortnite and story is wonderful if you can get the damn thing to play… I spent hours trying to get this stupid trash game to work 47.22 for this piece of crap that steam shouldn’t of even allowed on there site in the first place, devs have promised a patch since feb lol audio stutters every convo with an npc it freezes for 1-5 mins lol I have a heavy rig can play ark and any other heavy duty game but this game is broken badly so don’t buy this game unless they patch it and fix the freezes and the audio stutters. Looked all over for a fix tried everything that was given and I’m not the only one with this problem. This game is worth 50 cents not 60 bucks or even on sale 47 bucks. Great game that the devs ran away from and refuse to fix so for the love of God trust me don’t buy this game if you value your money and your time…